Member Benefits

Welcome to Service Hospitality's Member Request Campus! 

Our Campus has been set up to make eLearning easier than ever.  A Membership to the eCampus will allow unlimited access to all of the Service Hospitality's available online courses.  Members will also benefit from being the first to access any new courses added to the catalog. 

Once a membership has been purchased, employees, associates or students of the member organization can request any or all of the offered courses.  That request will be received by an eCampus administrator and will be approved once membership is confirmed.  The requester will then be sent credentials for access to the requested courses.

Upon completion of each course a printable certificate is provided.  The administrator of the eCampus can also view who has requested, attempted and completed these courses.

Another great feature of being a member is your ability to affect the offered courses.  If you think of another course that would benefit you and your organization, simply let us know and we will do our best to find you a suitable option and add it to the campus.

The cost of your membership includes access to all of the Service Hospitality's available online courses, your logo featured on our sign in page, as well as online technical support for the eCampus and its courses.